Series 2 of my FatCapJoe figures!!
The figure will be for sale tonight at 7pm eastern time!
They will be limited edition blind box of 26 numbered figures.
Figures are picked at random ( if you buy more than one I will try to make sure you don't get 2 of the same color! )
The set will Include rare & super chase figures.
The gold being the most rare! The first set I released of 23 figures sold out within hours so I hope the same happens this time!

The figure will be only $17 and the set will include:
- a Fatcapjoe ( 3 inch figure )
- a mini comic ( continued story from volume one )
- an original art drawing by me.
- a sticker
- custom packaging.

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a peek of the the mini comic included in this set. i suggest you get the first comic on my site it's only 3$ and it connects to this comic!

The break down of rarity of the figures:
Gold 1 ( super chase rare )
Silver 1
Silver 1 ( one ear variant )
Orange ( super chase rare )
Pink 3
Blue 2
Green 10
Green 1 ( one ear variant )
Red 1
Grey 4
white 1

They will be for sale on www.Roccothegreat.bigcartel.com
when they do go up so make sure you check at 7 on the dot! !

Please spread the word! Help support local artists!

Sold Out